Molopoly world edition voting machine for Taipei

in January 2008, Hasbro launched an online vote inviting Monopoly fans worldwide to vote for cities they wanted to see represented on the new Monopoly game. There are a lot of people on (Taiwan’s most popular forum in 2008) looking for an automatic voting machine, so I use greasemonkey script and Firefox to make an automatic voting machine for them (captchas are solved by human), here is the record from .


Result of the online vote

During a six-week period in early 2008, MONOPOLY fans from around the world voted for the global cities that they would like to see represented on the first-ever World edition game board. More than 5.6 million votes were cast for 70 world-class cities, which determined 20 of the 22 cities featured in the game. Then, the 20 cities with the most write-in votes faced off in a bonus vote and the two with the most votes, Taipei and Gdynia, earned the brown property spaces on the game board.

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